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The Gazit Lab
Tel Aviv University

Exploring biological and bio-inspired molecular self-assembly

Welcome to the Gazit Group website

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The work in our group is focused on the molecular self-assembly of biological, bio-inspired and other organic building blocks. We use minimalistic approach to define the smallest molecular recognition and assembly modules and to understand the physicochemical basis for their association. We study the organization of biological systems in diverse fields including amyloid diseases, diabetes, virology and metabolic disorders.


We identified the ability of very short peptides as well as metabolites to form typical amyloidal nano-fibrils. Our study of minimal recognition modules led to the discovery of a family of dipeptide nanostructures of various architectures including nanotubes, nanospheres, nanoplates, and hydrogel with nanoscale order with unique mechanical, optical, piezoelectrical and semiconductive properties. We recently extended our studies to peptide nucleic acids (PNA) converging the field of peptide nanotechnology and DNA nanotechnology.

Latest Publications

Differential effects of putative N-glycosylation sites in human Tau on Alzheimer’s disease-related neurodegeneration

Yelena Losev, Moran Frenkel-Pinter, Malak Abu-Hussien, Guru Krishnakumar Viswanathan, Donna Elyashiv-Revivo, Rana Geries, Isam Khalaila, Ehud Gazit & Daniel Segal

Upcoming Events

  • The First Metabolostasis Conference
    The First Metabolostasis Conference
    July 11-13, 2023
    Online Conference
    July 11-13, 2023
    Online Conference
    July 11-13, 2023
    Online Conference
    The role metabolites play has been studied for decades. Yet, these life-essential building blocks can also be toxic. This raises basic questions regarding metabolite homeostasis - "metabolostasis" - mechanisms that allow a sufficient supply of metabolites and strictly monitoring their levels.
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